How To Make The Best Ita Bags 2020?

Ita Bags – It is almost indispensable in the wardrobe of the girls or genuine Otaku without it. Ita Bags, gradually becoming a trend for young people, especially girls who have a passion for pair decoration. Before you know about how to make an ita bag you need to be aware of the note that some bags cannot afford to carry all the items you need and the Anime accessories you desire. So you should keep it simple first and then add on items as you get comfortable. Let’s take it like the Ita Bag guide.

How to make an Ita Bag?

  1. The bag.

Is the first thing to do if you really want to own an Ita Bag. Considering the right bag for both your style and needs must consider the size, shape, color, and material.

Ita Bags are usually used many various materials like PVC, canvas, PU. While PU has the advantage of water resistance, the canvas is very popular because of its long-term toughness.

ita bag world Gothic Banpaia Vampire Coffin Transparent Ita Bag OB11 Bjd Nendoroid Doll Lolita Girl Kawaii Storage
PU material for Ita Bags

After choosing the material, the shape of the bag also makes people feel difficult because Ita Bags has many varieties of shapes, styles, and designs. Among them, the crossbody, backpack, the shoulder is probably the most popular choice because of its high applicability.

If you want to learn more about the type, please visit Ita Bags World blog for more information, and let’s re-list the types that most people use.

ita bag world Ins Lovely Cute Cat Clear Transparent Double sided Canvas Ita Bag School Bags Lolita Girls BackpackIta Bag Backpack.

ita bag world Japanese Wego Ita Bag Kawaii Transparent Window Lolita Canvas Handbag Shoulder Bag Candy Color Lovely Itabag

Ita Bag Crossbody

After completing choosing material and type, color continues to be a difficult problem for everyone. Each color has its own beauty, it is difficult to know which color suits you better. Most people tend to choose backpacks with popular colors such as black, white, or red because these colors often do not follow the trend so they can be used for a long time. However, for those who like specialties and many colors, there are many different shades of light to choose from.

2. Accessories.

After completing the selection of your favorite bag, the selection of the best accessories is the main purpose of this post.

On the way to make an ita bag insert using insert, you will need:

Safety Pins
Your Favorite Character merchandise
Plastic Mesh or Cardboard
Fabric and Glue

All you need to do now is cover the clear plastic opening with a plastic net or cardboard insert. Cardboard will lack the flexibility and rigidity of transparent chucks, so a recommended option as the basis for ita foam bags is mesh, for durability. Now, follow up any design on the plastic opening on the mesh and then take it out of your ita bag. Now use that trace pattern to place your fabric selection on its background.

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Place the cloth according to the lines outlined on the mesh and cut rough and uneven parts by placing in the bag and trimming thoroughly to dimensions. Once these dimensions are in place, make sure to glue everything securely and fix all the edges as any changes to your DIY bag after you’ve decorated will be a difficult task.

ita bag world Harajuku Cow Print Women Shoulder Bags Milk Cow Puppet Women s Messenger Bag Transprant Ita Crossbody

After finishing the base pad for you to decorate, come to the step that many girls and Otaku enjoy most that is the way to decorate the Ita Bags. The way to protect Ita Bags.

The way to protect Ita Bag.

After completing a normal briefcase into your own, one thing everyone tries to do is protect and keep the briefcase like new.
In fact, when you decorate your Ita Bags with various keychains and badges, the surface of your briefcase has also been affected by the badge needles. The more you decorate it, the bigger the needle on the briefcase. If you do not choose the materials carefully, the briefcase can easily deteriorate after a short period of use. That’s why choosing materials is so important to Ita Bags followers.

ita bag world Japanese Lolita Transparent Shoulder Bag Canvas Single Side Transparency Handbag For Dango Badge Show Ita Bag
Canvas material

If you are a person who likes to decorate many badges then choose canvas fabric, it will be more reliable in the long run.
Besides, when decorating, you also have to pay attention to the weight of the accessories you attach, if they are too heavy, your Ita Bag will also quickly fail. You can change your trims frequently if you prepare them too much. Although it takes time, it will ensure the durability of the bag you are carrying.

Otaku Obssession Reaches a Whole New Level with Ita-bags! | Event News |  TOM Shop: Figures & Merch From Japan
Many accessories -Ita bag painful

Finally with an Ita Bag as well as your usual briefcase. Take off all the accessories from time to time and wash it like any other briefcase. Make sure that after each re-decorating your Ita Bag will look like new

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